Dental implants are a common dental procedure, and when done correctly are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth. As a result, it’s easy for people to forget that their dental implants need to be treated differently than normal teeth. Today we’re going to talk about the top three habits that dental implant patients need to avoid to keep their implants healthy and clean. 


In case anyone needed another reason to quit smoking, it is considered the single worst habit for oral health. Smoke damages the gums overtime, which if untreated will lead to gum disease, gum recession and eventually deterioration of the jaw bone itself. All of these issues will have an extremely adverse effect on any dental implants. 

Not Flossing

While every dentist harps on their patients to floss more, it’s particularly true for those with dental implants. Implants are particularly susceptible to food and bacteria buildup between the tooth and the gum. Flossing is the only reliable way of removing that debris. People with dental implants need to make it a priority to floss regularly. 


Oral fixations are rather common, but chewing anything other than food poses a serious risk to the health of dental implants. While dental implants are made to be as durable as possible, like regular teeth, they cannot withstand the forces that are implemented when a person bites down on something like ice. Those with dental implants need to stick to chewing food and nothing else. 

Dental implants are an effective and common dental procedure. While they are not indestructible, they are incredibly durable and can last for years if properly cared for. If those with dental implants avoid the three habits discussed here today, they can rest easy knowing that they’ve done everything they can to care for them. 


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