Most people have their wisdom teeth taken out when they are teenagers. However, there are still millions of people out there who enter adulthood with their wisdom teeth. Even if those teeth have not become symptomatic yet, the odds are good that eventually they will. That’s why most adults who still have their wisdom teeth should consult with their dentist to see if they should be removed. Let’s go over some of the reasons anyone with their wisdom teeth should consider speaking with an oral surgeon. 



Wisdom teeth rarely grow completely into the mouth. That often makes them extremely awkward to clean and can even lead to pockets along the gum lime. Over time these pockets fill with plaque and bacteria which can lead to a nasty infection. Unfortunately those pockets are often inaccessible to normal brushing which means that if they’re not surgically dealt with they will inevitably lead to infection and decay. 



The awkward nature of wisdom teeth means that most people don’t clean them properly when brushing their teeth. Over time this can lead to a host of dental issues, like decay. Since there is no sense in filling a cavity in a wisdom tooth this decay will eventually force an extraction. 



The number one reason people move to remove their wisdom teeth is pain. Just because your wisdom teeth don’t hurt does not mean that they never will. In fact, odds are they will begin to hurt at some point. Since the pain is often tied to pressure on a nerve, the only way to relieve it is extraction. 



The older a person is the more difficult their recovery from oral surgery is likely to be. That’s why it’s a good idea to proactively get your wisdom teeth removed when you’re young, instead of dealing with a more difficult surgery when you’re older. 


Of course, every person’s situation is unique. If you have wisdom teeth you should consult with an oral surgeon to see what treatment is right for you. Visit to learn more. 






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