A cracked tooth is one of the most common dental injuries and is many people’s first experience with dental surgery. While they are common, cracked teeth can often be avoided. Let’s take a closer look at how teeth crack, and why it’s important to get any cracked teeth treated as quickly as possible. 



We’re going to start off with the obvious—accidents. We all know somebody who fell as a baby and knocked out their front teeth. Accidents happen, and when it comes to brute force, teeth are actually fairly fragile. Whether you tripped, got in a car accident or took a soccer ball to the face, teeth can be cracked. Accidents happen, but don’t let the crack turn into a larger problem by not getting it addressed. If your teeth undergo a traumatic event, you should take the time to get them looked at by a professional. 



Unlike accidents, jaw clenching is something that can be avoided if you’re aware of it. Not only does clenching your jaw lead to jaw and ligament stress, but the constant pressure can wreak havoc on your teeth. Clenching your jaw leads to grinding on your teeth, which can cause microcracks. These cracks can cause severe tooth pain and can even lead to larger issues like nerve damage and dead teeth. 


Some people can stop clenching just by becoming more mindful about it. Others might need medication or a mouthguard to solve the problem. While that might be annoying, it’s significantly better than the pain that can result from a cracked tooth. 


It’s worth pointing out there are many different types of cracks that teeth can experience. A fractured cusp, for example, is a different type of injury than a vertical root fracture. As a result, the symptoms of the crack will be different as will the treatment. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to consult with a professional if you believe you have cracked a tooth. 


A cracked tooth can be painful, but it’s not a major problem and can be easily remedied. However, an untreated cracked tooth can lead to major problems which can not only be painful, but costly to fix too. 


When it comes to your teeth it’s important to take care of them at home, but seek professional treatment when it’s needed. To learn more visit



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