From the first consultation, we knew we had found the right surgeon. You changed an anxious and scared patient who was traumatized from her initial surgeon to a confident patient who wanted you to remove all 5 teeth…you showed us that you go above and beyond in caring for your patients.

Rosemary D.

Dr Fang is a highly skilled oral surgeon. He did my single tooth implant with bone graft. The procedure went smoothly. Dr Fang’s demeanor is very professional and kind. He used a reputable implant system which I had researched in advance. The fee was quite reasonable considering the going rate for implants in Manhattan. I have no reservation in recommending him as an oral surgeon.

Kim M.

Got two wisdom teeth taken out in 5 minutes. Painless and I did not even need stitches after the procedure. I should have gone to Dr. Fang the first time I had an extraction. I would recommend him to anyone!

April R.

He is a skilled oral surgeon, very caring and patient. Highly recommend.

Daphne G.

I had my 2 wisdom teeth taken out. It is a difficult job and I think he did his best and my mouth healed fine. His directions are clear and I followed the doctors orders and I am well.

Verified Patient

Dr. Fang explained the procedure in detail and made sure I understood my choices and risks. He promptly responded to any signs of discomfort during the procedure and administered additional anesthetic to assure there was minimal discomfort. I would highly recommend Dr. Fang.

Verified Patient

Was wonderful, and who doesn’t dislike going to the dentist? All went very well— even the healing; no infection and no pain. Would recommend to everyone.

Verified Patient
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