When most people think of good oral health they think about brushing and flossing their teeth and mouthwash. For a long time, that’s all everyone thought we had to do to take care of our mouth. However, dentistry has continued to advance over the years and we know now that diet is actually a major component behind good oral health. Here’s a closer look at how diet affects your mouth, and what types of foods are optimal for improving oral health. 


The proliferation of ingredients like sugar, gluten and processed foods into the diets of the average individual is a relatively recent phenomenon. Given the relatively recent nature of these major dietary changes, the human mouth has not had time to evolve and adapt. Our mouths are still designed to perform optimally with, what is now considered, an ancient diet. The stresses of new foods introduce a host of new health issues for our mouths to deal with. Issues which evolution has not had time to address. 


So what type of foods are good for oral health? The answer isn’t that surprising, it’s the same most doctors suggest: eat a mixture of plants and meat and do your best to make sure every ingredient is as fresh as possible. Try to limit your sugar and processed food intake as best you can and avord overy hard foods that may cause you to chip your teeth. 


Of course, diets are uniquely personal and what works for one person may not work for another. These tips are meant to serve as guidelines, not hard and fast rules. The best way to figure out what works for you is to consult with your physician and dentist. Work with your medical providers to identify problem areas, and create a plan that’s designed to work best for you. 


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