Most people take their teeth for granted, until they have an issue with them. Everyone has experienced tooth sensitivity at some point in their life. Sometimes it’s as innocuous as biting into something cold like ice cream, but other times tooth sensitivity can be indicative of a bigger issue. Here are three bigger issues that could be the cause of tooth sensitivity. 


Gum Disease

Oftentimes tooth pain is emblematic of a problem that has nothing to do with the teeth themselves. Gum disease, for example, is a fairly common problem for the average adult. Gum disease can present through a variety of symptoms, but one of the most common is tooth sensitivity. As the disease causes the gums to recede, the newly exposed surface of the tooth can be incredibly painful. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to both bone and tooth loss. 


Tooth Decay

Sensitive teeth can also be one of the first symptoms for tooth decay and cavities. Most people get a cavity at some point in their lifetimes, it’s inevitable given the modern diet and society’s proclivity for sugar. Tooth decay or a cavity is almost always accompanied by tooth sensitivity. The best way to resolve the sensitivity, is to fix the root cause of the problem which means getting those cavities filled in a timely manner. 


Exposed Nerves

Another possibility for tooth sensitivity, albeit a far less likely one, is an exposed nerve. Remember, the mouth is a sensitive area and even teeth have their own nerves. If one of those nerves is exposed, either through decay or an injury, it can cause extremely painful tooth sensitivity. If this is the case, the tooth sensitivity will likely be exceptionally uncomfortable and will force anyone affected by an exposed nerve to seek dental treatment quickly. Luckily, it’s a fairly easy fix and should resolve any tooth sensitivity issues. 


Tooth sensitivity is painful and frustrating. Avoid dealing with it in the first place by practising proper dental hygiene and visiting a dental professional regularly. Visit to learn more. 



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