It’s no secret that millions of Americans want to have a whiter smile. Teeth whitening has become so popular that entire businesses have popped up dedicated to, outside of dentistry. From whitestrips, to mouth guards and gel there seems to be little out there that people won’t try to help get a whiter smile. But is a while smile a healthy smile? Today we’ll take a look at what white teeth means from a health perspective, and some of our top tips for keeping a healthy mouth. 


While many people associate white teeth with health, the truth is that white teeth does not necessarily equate with a healthy mouth. That’s because of all the different methods people use to artificially whiten their teeth. If no one was artificially whitening their teeth, then the tooth color would have a stronger correlation with health. Today, someone could have had their teeth whitened and have a great-looking smile even though their teeth are decaying and riddled with cavities. 


The best way to maintain a white AND healthy smile is to follow basic dental hygiene habits consistently. These habits include: 

  • Brushing teeth twice a day using the proper technique (circular motions on all surfaces of the teeth for at least two minutes).
  • Using mouthwash once a day. 
  • Flossing twice a day. 
  • Reducing sugar intake. 
  • Visiting the dentist every six months. 


The truth is that the crux of dental health is discipline. By consistently practicing healthy oral hygiene habits throughout a person can rest easy knowing they’ve done everything in their power to keep their mouth healthy. Don’t forget that a white smile doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy one. Take the time to make sure your mouth is healthy before spending money on aesthetic dental treatments, like teeth whitening. To learn more visit



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