Most people will need to have a tooth extracted at some point in their life. Whether it’s wisdom teeth or a different oral health issue, a tooth extraction is the remedy to many a dental ailment. A tooth extraction is a relatively simple procedure, but a proper recovery is crucial. Today we’ll go over our top three tips to help patients recover from a tooth extraction as quickly as possible. =

The first tip may seem simple, but it’s the single most important thing a tooth extraction patient can do to aid their recovery. Rest. The human body does the majority of its healing work during sleep. The more time that can be dedicated to sleep and rest immediately following a tooth extraction, the faster the total recovery will be. 

Soft Foods

One of the more difficult parts of recovery from a tooth extraction is the modified diet that all patients have to adhere to. The area around where the tooth was removed is going to bleed and swell following the procedure. As a result, it’s impossible to eat solid foods without irritating the surgery site. 

A soft food diet is needed for the days immediately following a tooth extraction. It’s important to give the body the nutrition it needs to heal, which means smoothies, not just ice cream. Apple sauce and soft pasta are other good options. Don’t forget to properly clean your mouth after you eat. It’s important to keep the extraction site clear of any food or debris to avoid any recovery complications. 

People who are nervous about visiting the dentist are often terrified at the prospect of a tooth extraction. The truth is a tooth extraction is an easy procedure, with a simple recovery. The recovery can be made even easier by following the tips outlined above. To learn more visit


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