Many people are self conscious about their teeth. That self consciousness can manifest as someone who avoids smiling or even be a reason that someone avoids visiting the dentist. As it turns out, a good dentist can help their patients achieve the smile of their dreams by enamel shaping. What is enamel shaping? Let’s take a closer look. 

Enamel shaping is a cosmetic treatment that provides the right shape for natural teeth. The actual process of the enamel shaping varies based on a patient’s needs, but the basics remain the same. When enamel shaping an oral surgeon is reshaping a tooth by either rounding corners, changing the length or shaving away overlapping sections. The final result leaves a patient with teeth that are shaped exactly like they want them to. 

Enamel shaping is not a procedure that is used to address a medical issue, which is why it’s considered a cosmetic procedure. Since the procedure is only done to the enamel part of a tooth, enamel shaping can only make subtle changes. Major changes to tooth shape are possible, but are more complicated than a basic enamel shaping. 

Enamel shaping has become more popular in recent years, but is not without its risks. If too much enamel is taken off the tooth can become damaged. That’s another reason that major reshaping of teeth should not be done through an enamel reshaping procedure. 

Conversely, when done correctly enamel shaping can actually improve the health of a tooth by removing any overlapping issues and giving a tooth the space it needs in the mouth to operate in a healthy manner. 

The recovery from enamel shaping is virtually non-existent as the procedure is completely painless and should not affect any nerves in a tooth. However, this procedure is often expensive, particularly because it is considered cosmetic, which means it’s a procedure that many insurers do not cover. 

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