Many people are so nervous about oral health that they experience genuine fear leading up to something as simple as a teeth cleaning. As a result, one of the biggest problems that oral surgeons face is helping their patients overcome their fears to prioritize their mental health. Dental implants are a common procedure, which means there’s a lot of misinformation out there about it. Today we’re going to tell the truth behind three of the most common dental implant myths. 

Myth #1 Implants Are Painful

The most common myth is that getting dental implants is a painful procedure. The truth is that any oral surgery is going to bring some discomfort. However, once the patient reaches a point where dental implants are needed they are likely already experiencing pain and discomfort. As a result, many patients report relief after the dental implant procedure. 

Pain is unique to every individual, which is why pain management should always be tailored to the patient. Every patient should strive to be honest with their doctor and work with them to recover as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Myth #2 Dental Implants Cause Migraines 

While it is true that some people experience headaches after oral surgery, there’s been no clinical studies done that definitely link migraines with dental implants. This myth seems to be an example of an anecdote being passed down over time; an old wives tale. Of course, as with any medical condition, if a patient does suffer from migraines they should be sure to discuss that with their dentist before any oral surgery. 

Myth #3 Dental Implants Are Very Expensive

No one can truthfully claim that dental implants are cheap. However, when you look at the total cost of care for issues that require dental implants the procedure is very much worth the money. Inferior methods of tooth replacement like dentures and fixed-bridges may cost less for the actual procedure, but maintenance and replacement costs more than make up that difference over time. Dental implants are built to last and when properly cared for they do just that. 

Dental implants can be scary, but the long-term benefits they provide are worth the discomfort. The procedure is incredibly common and not as scary as many of the myths floating around out there would have you believe. Visit to learn more. 


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